Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Craft Camp - Day 2

Hi everyone, today was the second day of my summer youth camp and I wanted to share a few of the projects the girls made during our time together.  They loved hearing the comments about the cards and were excited to know that people were commenting from all over the world!  Today we made bookmarks and a set of mini-note cards and I am going to share the girls note cards.  We worked on placing an image in the center of the page when making these. As I said yesterday, they really are doing well.





Emily and Molly joined us a day late so we worked on their projects from yesterday in the extra time we had at the end of our class.  Here are there cards created using the C.C Designs stamps.



As I said earlier, the girls really enjoyed hearing your comments about their projects.  If you wouldn't mind sending them some inspiration again today I will share them again during our session tomorrow.
So glad you stopped by to see the girls projects today,



  1. All the creations looks great! I like them a lot! =)
    Great work from all of you girls! =) Molly and Emily did good on their cards too!
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. Awesome job, I love them all!!!

  3. There is nothing more beautiful than a home-made card. These are spectacular. I hope that you send them to some very special people who will keep and cherish them! I love the different ideas and designs that you came up with. Wow! I am so impressed. Keep up the beautiful work. Can't wait to see more!

  4. These look terrific. I can't believe that you all learned how to use the materials in so little time!!

  5. Cute projects from the girls Marlena!They did a great job and each set is unique. Love them!

    I may have to host a "craft camp" of my own with my daughters and their friends. They'd love to do all your projects.

  6. Girls you've again done a wonderful job with your creations. I love that you're getting into crafting. It is so much fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your delightful creations.

    Emily, I love all the embellishments that you added to your set of notecards, and you did a beautiful job with the bottom card. Your coloring is great.

    Molly love the images you chose for your note cards, and the purple morning is my very favorite. I love your color choices. I tend to be way too conservative, but a purple monkey is perfect and made me smile.

    Madalyn your image choices are delightful as is your coloring. Great job with the note cards.

    Jenna, a wonderful set of cards and beautiful coloring.

  7. Molly beautiful card and i love the yellow in the centre of the flowers it has made your card pop out well done .

    Emily great colouring and i love the blue scallop around
    white oval it really makes it stand out .Great job .Keep
    going girls lovely cards x

  8. Stunning cards! I love all the bright colors.


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