Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Craft Camp - Day 5

Good evening everyone!  Today was the final day of my craft camp and we finished up our time together by working on art journals.  Now, I have to say I am not an expert on art journaling, but I have recently become interested in them and thought this would be a great project for a young girl.  And, I was right, all the girls knew what a journal was and several of them wrote "Don't Touch" in several places on the journal.  We began this morning by decorating the cover and then I told the girls that they could work on preparing the inside pages for the rest of our time together.  I told them at home they could decide how they wanted to use the journal, to write in, to create more on their pages, whatever they wanted.  I really left today's creativity completely in their hands with a little guidance as to what an art journal is.  I then asked each girl to pick what they wanted to have photographed and that is what I am showing you today.





I want to take this final moment to thank everyone for supporting the girls during our camp this week!  In a world of cell phones, iPod's and ready made everything it is nice to pass a little creativity along.
So glad you stopped by today,

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