Monday, July 23, 2012

Youth Paper Crafting Camp

Hi everyone!  I am just recently returned from a fabulous vacation with my family, more to come on that later, and am now onto my new adventure.  This week I am having a Summer Youth Paper Crafting Camp and I have some of their projects to share with you today.  I am so impressed by how amazing these girls projects are, they really worked hard and you can see it in the results!  Today I had 2 girls come and tomorrow I will have 2 more for a total of four, not bad for my first go around.  Today we made name plates and cards and tomorrow we are going to make a set of mini note cards and a water colored/stamped book mark.

As for my vacation I tried my hand at an art journal, my version of course.  It is mostly me journaling, as much writing as creativity, but I wanted to play around with the concept and see what I could do.  I already have new ideas techniques to try for my next one and I hope to keep improving as I go along.  Soooooo, when I am completely finished I will be sharing that with you as well.

But for now, onto the girls projects.



If you have taken the time to check out the girls projects I would really appreciate it if you could leave a few positive comments for the girls.  I would love to share with them tomorrow all the positive thoughts on their work!  Thanks all!
So glad you stopped by today,


  1. You girls both did a fantastic job.

    Jenna, I love how you put the butterfly on her like a bow :)

    Madalyn, I love the colors you choose to use--they are amazing together :)

  2. Girls, you've both done a fabulous job with your first card.
    Jenna, I'm with Tanya, my first thought was the butterfly made a perfect hair bow. I love reds, so the colors are great too.

    Madaylyn, I also love blues and your image's rosy cheeks. I always give my girl images rosy cheeks too.

  3. i love their color combinations and the coloring was nicely done. i loved Jenna's butterflies. and i think Madalyn did an excellent job putting highlights in the girl's hair. bravo!!

  4. Love the color choices. Great job, girls. We expect to see you joining some challenges!

  5. Lovely cards you girls have made! =) Great coloring and nice embellishments you added to the cards! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  6. Hey girls first may i say if this is your first go at making cards well im impressed .Jenna love the butterfly on yours very effective .
    Madalyn i love the colours you picked and your blue on the oval shape really pops ot.Great colouring and good job on the hair .x

  7. oh my marlena watch out hun, those girls are going to be running craft club next year with awesome colouring like that! super well done Jenna and Madalyn, your cards are awesome xxxxxx


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