Sunday, August 5, 2012

Something Different - An Art Journal

Hi everyone!  I hope you are resting and enjoying what is left of your Sunday evening.  I have spent today with the family and getting some items put together that I would like to use in my classroom this year.  Pinterest has become my new addiction and besides being a great place for new craft idea and projects, it has been a great way to springboard some changes in my classroom.  Once I put things together I will take a quick picture and show you, but for now I am still just arranging my room.  Besides, I've also found with Pinterest that some of my most favorite ideas are just not meant for ME to put them together.  I've tried a few that have bombed and a few more that have worked out great or inspired some ideas of my own.  

Today I am posting a page that I have made in my Art Journal.  Art Jouranling is a new and scary experience for me.  When I first was introduced to art journaling I thought that there was NO WAY I was going to be comfortable working on something as free as a journal page.  I've written in journals and found them very therapeutic, but I had never done anything as abstract as an art journal page.  The pages were full of mixed media, paint and other mediums that were MESSY, and I just don't do messy very well.  I HATE when my fingers are sticky or wet feeling, or anything but colored with a little marker or stamp.  Yes, I would have been the kid in school that would have washed their hands the minute I got a drop of glue on them.  BUT then something happened.  I began researching art journals and seeing what others impressions of them were and how they put them together.  I picked up magazines on art journaling and read through them literally cover to cover and I was intrigued.  Here was a way to express myself that didn't just use words, but images, mediums, and anything I wanted to get my feelings or thoughts across.  I could even add words if I wanted to.  So then I began to play, REALLY play.  I bought water colors (it seemed the safest and least messiest medium to work with), bound journals using my Cinch and have even used decoupage and other, GULP, messy mediums.  The conclusion, I LOVE IT!  I LOVE that I can express myself FREELY without using words, or at least not just words alone, and feel like I have soothed my soul and calmed my mind.  I am now addicted and am constantly trying to figure out how to at least start a page so I can finish what I need to do later.

Phew, so with all of that being said I am going to share one of  my pages with you.  It isn't my first.  My first pages were much simpler and involved non-scary mediums.  This summer on our vacation I took a journal that I had prepared before we left with watercolor and recorded our entire trip in it.  It was great and now I have such a nice memory of the fun we had.

Today's page is about being creative, which I have always been anxious about and felt as if I just wasn't creative enough.  I know that if you have made it this long into reading you know what I mean.  Sharing this page with you is even more uncomfortable that creating it.  I feel like I am exposing myself to you, sharing my thoughts and feelings that I usually keep bottled up to myself, in a page I thoroughly enjoyed creating.  This is a side of me, the inner me, that I just haven't shared very often.  A glimpse into my creative thinking.

It's so RAW, so non-perfectionist looking it scares me.  Colors ran, colored pencils didn't do what I wanted, and yet I am sharing it.  It's not perfect, but I love it and it's ME!

On this page I did use a few images from Tiddly Inks.  Inking of You is still available in the Tiddly Inks store.  Color My World is currently unavailable for purchase, but I already had it in my personal files and thought it was one of the images I needed for this page.

I also used water colors, paint markers, colored pencil, stamps, StazOn ink pad, decoupage and a few other things to complete this page.
Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by,


  1. I like your art page, I've done one or two but haven't really got the hang of it, thanks for a great inspiration! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. Marlena... Amazing creation, love it!~


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