Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Brake For Stamps and Wax Paper

Yes, you are reading the title correctly, I wrote wax paper.  Why, because a dilemma I've been having with my metal dies, specifically my Spellbinder's dies, has recently been corrected with nothing other than wax paper.  Now, as you read on you may be saying to yourself, well, duh, didn't you know that.  But, I didn't and a lot of great pieces of my paper have gone to the paper graveyard in the sky because I didn't previously have this knowledge.

Sooooo, what I am talking about.  Well, my favorite dies are the more intricate ones with the flourishes or filigree edges and borders.  When I use my Cheery Lynn dies I just followed the directions on the packaging and poof, the cut papers came out fairly easily.  Not so with my Spellbinder's dies, I couldn't find any directions on the more intricate dies and whenever I used them I would ALWAYS rip the paper.  I tried so many different things to get the papers to come out without ripping and I JUST COULDN'T DO IT.  Seriously, it was driving me CRAZY!  Here's the funny part, just as I decide I'm going to post a question on several of my Facebook groups to find out what I was doing wrong a Spellbinder's link is posted and I  happen to click on it.  AND, what is on the link, a reminder to use wax paper when cutting with their more intricate dies.  REALLY, it's that simple.  Get some wax paper, put the paper you want to cut underneath and you have a great die cut every time.  Soooooo, of course I tried, would it really work.  OF COURSE it works, a duh!!!!!!  It is now so simple, I don't rip the papers and the dies work great.  WHERE HAS THIS INFORMATION BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!  Now I'm happy to play with ALL my dies, intricate corners or not.

Now onto to I Brake for Stamps part of today's post.  My project uses Kisses Cammy, a new stamp that you can find at I Brake for Stamps.  There were three different Cammy's released recently, the other two are Heart Cammy and Cupid Cammy, all three perfect images for Valentine's Day.  I decided to make a tri-fold card, I tend to get bored making the same shape card all of the time so when I can I try to do something just a little bit different.  What I forgot though was how long it takes to complete a tri-fold card.  I was quite pleased when I was finished though and you can see the final results below.

When you open the front of the card you then see the inside flap.  I used a sentiment stamp from one of the Kit of The Month sets from Unity Stamp Company.

This is all three panels on the inside of the card.  The left panel holds an a gift tag as an additional little twist to the card.

I also took a picture with the tag sitting against the card so you could get a view of what the tag looks like on it's own.

Here's a back view of the card.  The inside panel is of course just the back of the card itself.

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