Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MarkerPop - Seaside Dreamin'

Hello everyone!  I am counting down the days until summer vacation begins, although I am waaaaaaay behind on all the paperwork and cleaning of my classroom that I need to do.  At the moment I am beginning to feel like I may never leave.  It is our responsibility to have everything cleaned up and tucked away for the summer, that way our classrooms can be cleaned properly to begin again in September.  I know, too soon to think about beginning again but it's how the world works!

Today I am sharing with you a card I make using the Whimsy image, Little Jack and Bobbin, Seaside Dreamin'.  This stamp came from MarkerPop and can be found HERE

It is my turn this week to share "Tips and Tricks" and my tip for the week is about which shades to use first when coloring with copic markers, lights or darks.  For me laying down the lighter colors first and then the darker works much better.  This is because I tend to lay down a lot, and I mean a lot, of color.  I often layer my color until I get the tone and blending that I want.  Since I color this way I tend to drag the darker colors into the lighter colors when coloring with them first.  By coloring with my lighter colors first this is less likely to happen and my colors stay just where I want then to be.  Of course, this isn't the perfect solution but it is what works for me.  Please remember though, you may be someone who doesn't lay down a lot of color and it may work for you to lay the darker colors first.  My philosophy when coloring is try out all the different techniques and then let the one that works for you become your habit.

Here's how I colored my image.  Lighter colors first.

Then the darker ones.  You don't know how many times I dragged a red or a blue onto my whites or grays,  too many to count.  That's when I decided to start coloring this way.

And then my final project.

Materials Used:
Spellbinder's dies
Crystal Stickles

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