Friday, July 19, 2013

Tiddly Inks - Fabulous Inky Friday

I love art journaling.  At least, I love looking at other peoples art journals.  Okay, let me be more specific, I love art journaling myself but think that I have a lot to learn about this mixed media style of art.  There are so many amazing artists out there that make art journaling look like so incredibly simple.  And, well, it has it's simple moments but there are so many different ways to go about making an art journal it makes my head spin!  Also, time is always a factor, there just never seems to be enough of it.  My goal for this summer is to make a few journals, give most of the pages a base coat of paint, or whatever medium I choose to use, so that when I FIND the time I can complete a page.  I've always used journals(i.e.writing) at times when I wanted to express myself but didn't want to actually have a conversation with anyone.  I'm hopeful that art journaling can be a more constant way to express ideas, thoughts andfeelings.  With the world so crazy these days I sure could use a creative outlet for all those things that make you go hmmmm.  Here's the funny part though, I was sooooo intimidated with art journaling at the beginning.  Still intimidated but loving it all the same!

WHY am I going on and on about art journaling?  Well, because today I am sharing with you an art journal entry I made into on of my journals using the Tiddly Inks image, Hippie Chick.  This is a page that I painted months ago but never did get the chance to finish, until now.

Although I don't believe that things can ever truly be perfect I am definitely a perfectionist.  I think this saying is just perfect for me!

I'll leave you with this close up of what I think the most important part of today's spread is.  A little different then my usual projects, but I like it!

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  1. I find art journaling very intimidating too but your page is fantastic!!! Such rich colours, a great layout and perfect text! Beautiful work! Hugs Delphine xx


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