Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi everyone, just a quick post to share what I have been working on.  Today's cards are many of the ones I gave away to family for Mother's Day.  I am very blessed to have my mother, both of my grandmother's and two mother-in-laws, as my husband has his mother and his step-mother.  Of course I had to give them all hand made cards, I feel like such a traitor if I even think of buying a card from the store, I shudder even thinking of it!:)

Today was also First Communion for my Godson AND his birthday!  What a busy and special day.  I made him a card for his First communion and that is below as well.  This card is CAS but I think it is the right touch for this special day.

All the images below are from Mo's Digital Pencil.  The images I used are Bunches, Helena and Henry, Sorry Shanna and First Communion Boy.


Sorry Shanna

Helena and Henry

First Communion Boy

We have had the most beautiful weather this weekend and the family and I have have been enjoying it.  A trip to the playground for our little guy yesterday (after I visited a bead store, part of my Mother's Day gift) and then a little time outside today.  You couldn't ask for a better day for Mother's Day!  I am hoping that you all were able to enjoy your weekend as well!  Happy Mother's Day to everyone!
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  1. Nice work Marlena!!! I'm in love with the first image ''Bunches''!! Soooo cute!!


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