Thursday, August 21, 2014


So, for the first time in a very long time I found myself creating without an affiliation with a design team.  This is strange as I have enjoyed every team that I have ever been a part of, but I am beginning to see the current benefit of my situation.  I have felt that my projects and my coloring have been stagnant for a very long time and so I have come to the decision it is time to practice and work on my projects so I can improve, or simply change, to a point that I am again comfortable with what I create.  To this end I have begun by taking copic coloring classes with Alyce and Kit and Clowder and I am so happy that I took this step.  I am taking the Skin and Hair class and she is so informative and good at teaching you how to improve on your coloring.  I do believe the best part is the feedback.  Today I am going to share with you two images I colored, one after taking 3 of her classes and the second after doing nothing else but listening to her feedback on the classes.  They are the same image because I wanted to see for myself if there was improvement, or not.  I'll let you decide what you think as well.  If you are visiting and reading this I would LOVE for your feedback as well.  My personal goal is to improve and continue to enjoy this craft as much as I always have, if not more.

Here is the coloring after the classes but before her feedback.  The image I used is a Tiddly Inks image, On Top of the World.

This is the coloring after the same three classes AND Alyce's feedback.

To be a little fair the paper I colored on is different as well, but I still think I see improvement in the coloring.  The hair is the biggest struggle for me, always has been.  I hope to keep practicing and moving forward.  We shall see.  
Thanks so much for joining me on this new journey into my crafting I have begun!
Enjoy your Thursday!

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